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Besides researching and tinkering with electronics and all kinds of tech, I’ve also been giving talks, running workshops and writing articles. I thought I would list them all below, to have all my “words” in one place. If you have any questions or requests, please get in touch with me through Twitter.

– From cave paintings to emoji: a visual tradition (Hackference, 2018/ Barcamp London, 2019)
– Programming with yarn (Hackference, 2017/ FT Tech Talks, 2017/ Women in IT forum, 2018/ Barcamp London, 2019/ DDD East Anglia, 2019)
– 300 LEDs (Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire exhibit, 2014)
– Challenge accepted (300 seconds London, 2014)
Sewable circuits (Devs Love Bacon, 2014)

– Introduction to Slack bots (2 hours)
– Soft circuits (Arduino Day, 2 hours)
– Arduino for beginners (1 day)
– Arduino for beginners (Arduino Day, 1 hour)
– Introduction to Arduino with Javascript (3 hours)

Web Designer Magazine
Say hello to custom Slack bots (issue 289)
– Build a voice-activated application on Google Home (issue 268)
– Make a Pixel Art framework with D3.js (issue 264)
Create a Digital Etch-a-Sketch for your touch devices (issue 263)
– Build a personal assistant with NodeJS (issue 261)

A look back on a year of tech
The Smell of Data
ThinCharge revives your iPhone’s battery
Get making with this subscription box from Quarterly
Tio, a connected cube for homemade toys
Browse for love with this new Chrome extension
Things to keep an eye on in 2016
Robokitty, the Open Source cat feeder
The DIY Gamer kit, a stocking filler for aspiring makers
Give some love to your forsaken Raspberry Pi with Tingbot
We got our hands on a Thingsee One
LightBug Combine Their GPS Tracking Expertise with Solar-Powered Electronics
A Look at Intelligent Robotic Companions
Wake up with your senses
Meet Skute
BuddyGuard’s device has a “Flare” for home security
A game for electronics aficionados
Build your own laptop, powered by Raspberry Pi
Arduino Day 2015
Boost your Pebble time with Open Source hardware modules
Makers, to your soldering irons!
Hackaball: re-inveting the ball for a digital generation

Electron: From Beginner to Pro by Chris Griffith & Leif Wells – Apress (Technical Reviewer, 2017)

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