Other words

Besides researching and tinkering with electronics and all kinds of tech, I’ve also been giving talks, running workshops and writing articles. I thought I would list them all below, to have all my “words” in one place. If you have any questions or requests, please get in touch with me through Twitter.

– 300 LEDs (Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire exhibit, 2014)
– Challenge accepted (300 seconds London, 2014)
Sewable circuits (Devs Love Bacon, 2014)

– Arduino for beginners (1 hour)
– Introduction to Arduino with Javascript (3 hours)

Wake up with your senses
Meet Skute
BuddyGuard’s device has a “Flare” for home security
A game for electronics aficionados
Build your own laptop, powered by Raspberry Pi
Arduino Day 2015
Boost your Pebble time with Open Source hardware modules
Makers, to your soldering irons!
Hackaball: re-inveting the ball for a digital generation


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