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Sewable Circuits

This year I have been selected to talk at Devs Love Bacon about electronics and particularly, sewable circuits. I submitted the talk after my Christmas project (which involved quite a few sewn electronics) started to really tickle my interest for DIY wearables. This talk was also a good opportunity to research the state of wearables, … Continue reading

Learn, Build, Share

I’m afraid “selfie” will never be the word of the year for me. If I had a say, I would nominate Arduino (especially now we’ve celebrated the microcontroller’s 10th birthday). For a couple of years now, I’ve been aspiring to be a maker; learning, experimenting (i.e. trying, failing, and trying again) and sharing all those … Continue reading

LEDs aplenty, and only a few pins

Who doesn’t like seeing the LED blink when they upload their first Arduino sketch to the board? No one. It’s just magic! So, this time, I’ve decided to push the “illusion” a bit further with lots and lots of LEDs. I am currently working on an exciting project (more on that in a future post) … Continue reading

Playing with the Arduino GSM shield

Last week I attended the Arduino GSM Playground organised by Telefonica Digital. The Arduino GSM shield was released about a month ago; manufactured by Arduino, but designed by Telefonica. All the specs are available on the Arduino webiste. I’ll do a bit of research on GSM first, then I’ll try and highlight some features of … Continue reading

Arduino – Simon game / Part 1

A few days ago, I had a bit of downtime so I decided to use it wisely and started playing with the brand new Arduino kit we’ve got in the office. You’d have guessed, I’m sure, that Arduino is right up my street. Every time a LED lights up on the breadboard, it takes me … Continue reading