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3D printing FAQ

As the proud new owner of a printer and total 3D-printing newbie; I thought it would be a good idea to try and compile questions and problems I have come across into a sort of “Intro to 3D printing”. Below is a list of topics this article will cover, with links for quick access: Introduction … Continue reading

Using Google Drive as your database

I was recently asked to create a quick prototype for a data visualisation tool. I decided to go ahead with d3.js. The data needed to be dynamic, and added by non-technical people. At that point I didn’t have time to implement a complete CMS solution. Since this prototype was internal, I decided to explore the … Continue reading

LEDs aplenty, and only a few pins

Who doesn’t like seeing the LED blink when they upload their first Arduino sketch to the board? No one. It’s just magic! So, this time, I’ve decided to push the “illusion” a bit further with lots and lots of LEDs. I am currently working on an exciting project (more on that in a future post) … Continue reading